Thursday, May 23, 2013

23 May 2013- Lunch

23 may 2013-6

Left Small Section:I got a new bag of mixed "tropical" dried fruit today, I thought I'd be adventurous.
                              The mango pieces aren't nearly as delicious as they are in the bag of just mango, and
                              there are very few of the pineapple and kiwi pieces.
Middle Small Section: No, my ketchup isn't runny, I just didn't mix in the malt vinegar before
                               taking the picture.
Right Small Section: Some leftover salad.
Big Section: OreIda crispy fries. I know it's not a very healthy main portion, but I've had a rough
                     morning and needed some happy.

22 May 2013- Dinner

23 may 2013-5

Left Small Section: Delicious dried mango.

Middle Small Section: I'm not normally a cookie person, but these are so good.

Right Small Section: Salt and Vinegar chips. I could go look in my cabinet to see what brand, but I'm
                                too lazy.
Big Section: I tried one of those microwave steamer bags today. This one is red potatoes and
                    greenbeans in a rosemary butter sauce. The potatoes were good, but the bigger pieces
                    tended to be very dry in the middle. If you like fresh green beans these are pretty good.
                    Unfortunately for me, I prefer the canned type and wasn't a huge fan of their flavor.

22 May 2013- Dinner

23 may 2013-4

Left Small Section: Just my sprite for this meal.

Middle Small Section: Pistachios

Right Small Section: Unsweetened Craisins. Unsweetened tastes almost identical to the
                                  sweetened kind.
Big Section: Caesar salad! I bought one of those "salad in a bag" things that includes the dressing,
                     cheese and crutons. You just have to be sure to check out the lettuce and make sure it still
                     looks good before you buy it.

21 May 2013- Dinner

23 may 2013-2

Potato wedges, chicken tenders, ketchup, and apple juice. Simple and delicious.

21 May 2013- Lunch

23 may 2013-1

Left Small Section: Dried mango!

Middle Small Section: Sweet and Sour duck sauce.

Right Small Section: Wonton strips, always a favorite.

Big Section: Stouffers individual size microwave macaroni. I'm a sucker for the darkened edges.

Monday, May 20, 2013

20 May 2013- Dinner


Left Small Section: Prego traditional pasta sauce warmed on the stove

Middle Small Section: Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

Right Small Section: Cucumber slices

Big Section: Pillsbury crescent roles that I painted with a butter/garlic salt mixture.

20 May 2013- Lunch


Left Small Section: The dipping sauce that comes with fried pickles at Mama's. (Mama's being the
                                restaurant where I bought them)

Middle Small Section: Sweet and Sour Duck Sauce

Right Small Section: Wonton Strips.

Big Section: Fried pickle spears that I had leftover from dinner yesterday and my last three Hot Pockets
                    Snackers macaroni triangles.